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Innovation in Global Settlement

Our Vision

We provide the best solution for real-world business and business applications through blockchain technology with powerful intrinsic value.
On-Chain &
Off-Chain In order to operate a blockchain-based system optimized for actual business and business, processing speed, data structure, and storage capacity external API linkage must be overcome, and accordingly, we provide a hybrid blockchain solution that treats core areas as on-chain and other parts as off-chain.

Value of

Convergence Development of Business Model and Blockchain We believes that creating blockchain-based customer value through blockchain infrastructure will change the world, and realizes customer value by diversifying blockchain-related business models such as building blockchain-based business systems, platform management, ASP, and solution sales.

Business Model

Our business model is based on supplying solutions to connect blockchain to various industries. Through our own blockchain solution, we can expand our customers' business to blockchain industry integration, payment system, and blockchain platform, and at the same time, we continue to manage our customers' blockchain business to run stably.

Establish a 'company-wide service mainnet’ that supports various infrastructures so that blockchain and business can combine to create new added value


A B2B business model that builds various businesses related to blockchain in a package form to meet the needs of operators.


It is a B2C business model that directly manages a business that provides customers with various new values extracted in relation to blockchain.


It is an ASP business model that can apply, experiment, and operate various 'business blockchain services' developed through customer needs or the headquarters' own research.


It is a business model that intensively analyzes blockchain from a business perspective and researches, develops, and sells 'business blockchain solutions' necessary for work.


What is SETTLET? The Settlet is the Global Settlement Platform that exists between the Global Asset and the Pay System. In order to link various Asset and PaySystem, and to use it as a payment tool in real life, a quick settlement system is essential, and Settlet provides a solution that quickly connects PaySystem Parters and User's Asset.

Optimal Settlement Solution

SETTLET recommends the best use of the various assets held by the user for various uses, and serves to balance the most reasonable value between the use and the assets. SETTLET will be the best smart settlement service for Global that has never been seen before.

1. Asset Linkage Settlet link various users' assets.
2. Expand the Infrastructure Expand the infrastructure on which you want to use the assets.
3. Balance of Value Settlet recommends settlement and optimal settlement method for balancing asset value with global usage.

Concept of

01 Asset Linkage Point, Mileage, Pay, Fiat-T, Card, Bank Coin, NFT, ST
02 Resolution Features KYC, AML, Tax, Law
03 Where to use ATM, Casino, Hotel, Shopping, Retail, Sports, Charging Service
04 Financial institution linkage function Trust, Bank, PG



Customer Location Confirmation

Check the area connected to the setlet and the customer's nationality


Check basic data for customer approval

Gets the status of the customer's payable assets. This is the basic data for recommending the optimal payment settlement method.


Best Payment Method Recommendations

We recommend the best payment method in the user's payment payment situation. Artificial intelligence can recommend the most reasonable payment method to users by judging the situation, location, time, and connection of assets held when paying.


optimum settlement

When the user needs to convert the various assets to be used for payment to match the payment environment, SAIA recommends the most reasonable settlement route to the user.


Currency exchange recommendation method

We recommend the optimal fee and exchange method for exchange according to the customer's situation.


Real-time settlement optimization recommendations

We recommend real-time payment settlement optimization of the type of payment that the customer wants.


Transition Validation

The SAIA validates the transcription. Detects any unusual signs related to money laundering during the transaction.


SAIA (Settlet-A.I. Algorithm)

SAIA is a dedicated algorithm that quickly recommends the most effective settlement running within the SETTLET platform. SAIA acts as an artificial intelligence secretary in SETTLET, making it more reasonable and convenient for users to use the various assets they own.

Market Expansion with Asset Consolidation

Settlets can hold a variety of assets.
The essence of the Settlet is the role of bridging the settlement of different assets for different purposes.
It is the value of Settlet Business to absorb and expand the range of assets available, and the larger the market, the greater the value of Settlet.


Expansion of membership Membership expansion can be expected through a settlement platform that allows users of affiliates to move freely.
market Infra expansion Expect to expand SETTLET usage based on securing a wide user base through partnership
Expanded approval Increasing the revenue of Payment companies and their infrastructure partners through increased Transaction


SETTLET, the Global Settlement Platform, will form a network of assets and uses for users around the world. As the number of users and affiliates participating in SETTLET increases, SETTLET's members can connect with more user groups, and SETTLET users can enjoy a broader global payment infrastructure.
SETTLET's service, which creates an ecosystem of new payment settlements, will develop into a global service that connects the world.



ERP system development blockchain solution development settlement programs development


Blockchain Solution development & Blockchain Business


Blockchain Total Solution Development




Global Settlement Solution Platform SETTLET Development


Expanding Global Infrastructure


Full-fledged marketing drive to expand global users

ETRA Global, LLC has the know-how to platform various services with its domestic headquarters with long-term payment and security, from payment systems to blockchain total solutions. ETRA, which has been growing by carrying out various development tasks in Korea, will do its best to globalize various solutions and services by establishing a global business company called ETRA GLOBAL and LLC to develop and launch SETLET, a global payment system that extends around the world.

Growth Vision

Gain more payment partners through continuous exploration
Recommendation of optimal settlement method and continuous development of fast and stable settlement system
Gain huge number of users as services expand globally
Expanding the market by connecting with various global businesses and expanding services
A platform that continues to communicate and evolve with customers and partners

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